Counseling Services


Guidance Counselors

Ms. Karen Blumenthal
Black Team Counselor Grades 6-8
Email: Ms. Karen Blumenthal
215-364-5950 Ext. 13030

Ms. Renee Stanley 
Red Team Counselor Grades 6-8
Email: Ms. Renee Stanley
215-364-5950 Ext. 13031

Guidance Office phone:

Jaime Shall-Crossen
Guidance Secretary
215-364-5950 Ext. 13040
Email: KL Attendance

The Counseling Office is located in the center hallway on the second floor next to the principal's office.

The Counseling and Guidance program is designed to promote educational, personal, social, and vocational development. The counseling department is an integral component of the Klinger Middle School educational team.

A School Counselor is someone who works with students in classrooms, small groups, and on an individual basis. Counselors assist students in many student centered issues that may include coping with stress, social skills, conflict resolution, decision making skills, peer pressure, transition issues, crisis intervention, study skills, family change topics, and self esteem topics.

Counselors also work in a cooperative effort with teachers, parents, administration, and outside agencies to help students make the most of their middle school experience.

Students can make appointments in the School Counseling Office before school, after school, or during the school with permission from the classroom teacher.

Contact the SAP (Student Assistance Program) for more information to assist your child with academic and social development.

Further Student Support Staff
Mrs. Ryan Myers- School Psychologist
(215) 364-5950 Ext. 13032
Email: Mrs. Ryan Myers

Mrs. Carol Quinlan- Social Worker
215-364-5950 Ext. 13033
Email: Mrs. Carol Quinlan